A simple lifestyle

I keep thinking about these things and the influence they have in my life. I like the idea of having everything that I need to fit in a backpack. Essentials.

Living in America made me realized how easy it is to clutter your life with unnecessary stuff, everything is so accessible and all the advertising and marketing don’t make it easy to escape from it.

My capitalist side still wants to buy that new tech goggle or back that Kickstater project to receive something exclusive that nobody have, but I fight not to, I chalenge myself to keep frugal and focus on what’s really important.

Reading books like the Joy of less and blogs like Zen Habits or the Holstee manifesto has helped me during this transition of mindset. Society imposes so many things in our daily lives that we don’t even realize anymore. Being busy all the time and have tons of things to do seems normal and most of us just accept it as a fact of the adult life.

I enjoy freedom, like in free time with no commitments and obligations, just the simplicity of having nothing to do and nothing to worry. I enjoy simple finances like spending less than I earn and save a bit so I can experience the world and travel often. I enjoy few things so I have time and energy to focus on what I’m passionate about.

I chose this life.
The simple life where simplicity might be the ultimate sophistication.



Brazilian expat working in tech in Silicon Valley. https://eduardosasso.co

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